Reg Dickinson, the founder of My Healthy Options has always had an interest in good health, especially as he was reaching that magical stage of his working life when he wanted to see more of his own country and possibly some overseas travel.
bath-flakes-large-black_600x600He wanted to be in a good state of health and thus he goes by the slogan “Living the Products.” He was first introduced to magnesium by a personal trainer in 2008 previously and started taking it in powder form.
Through his own research he discovered there were greater benefits by taking it as a liquid, under the tongue and thus it was going directly into the blood stream. Other forms were as a spray or cream. Powders and tablets have fillers and go through the digestive system and it follows that the maximum benefits are not being gained.Ouch_100g-BLACK_600x600

Reg firmly believes we need to enjoy our lives and this does not mean having to “give up” on some of life’s pleasures. Everything in moderation. He regularly takes the Nano-Ionic drops and MSM {for tissues, hair, nails, bones and skin}, he uses the oil both before and after exercising and it can also be used as a foot bath, the body lotion is his “spoiler,” used simply as a long lasting protection from the effects of the environment. The OUCH! he uses only for specific pain when it occasionally occurs.
pet-bedding-blanket-washIn more recent times he has made his home as natural as possible by introducing eucalyptus products including laundry and dish washing powders, leather and furniture cleaner, liquid for floors, toilets and benches and sprays that can be mixed to break down the strength of the product. More recently pet bedding and blanket wash and mould cleaner has been included into the range.
In this day and age where we are surrounded by chemicals in our foods and in our household products Reg believes we can make healthier choices and it doesn’t cost an “arm and a leg.” He “lives the products.” He strongly believes that good health begins with what we put in and on our bodies.

You can usually find him at the markets, more particularly Violet Town and Nagambie. During the winter months he moves to the warmer climes, and to find out where he is, simply send him an email or phone and he will be happy to tell you where he is travelling to.